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We specialize in the frozen chicken trade and offer a diverse selection of chicken cuts. Additionally, we provide chicken meat and processed chicken items like frankfurters.

Our chicken products can be shipped to various locations worldwide, including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe. In other words, we offer global shipping to any port.

The majority of our suppliers operate from certified production sites that adhere to HACCP regulations, often holding BRC approval.

We can deliver our products and services to importers in the food sectors, including industry, wholesale suppliers, food service distributors, and retail.

Our packaging sizes can be customized to meet the specific requirements of wholesale and retail purposes.

We also offer a range of frozen chicken products that are strictly certified as Halal, ensuring meticulous control. Halal chicken is particularly popular in the frozen chicken trading market.

•  Product: Chicken legs / Chicken wings / Chicken breasts or fillets / Chicken offals / Whole chicken
•  Label: Custom
•  Freezing process: Individually Quick Frozen
•  Quantity: Upon agreement
•  Quality: Grade A
•  Price: Depending on the quantity required
•  Certificate of origin: Europe, USA, Brazil
•  Certification: HACCP | Halal
•  Delivery terms: From single pallet to full container load / CIF ASWP
•  Shipment: Immediate / part shipment allowed
•  Packaging: Upon agreement
•  Payment terms: LC or TT / bank transfer before lifting goods from the warehouse
•  Contract: 12 months / long-term
•  Documents: Signed commercial invoice / Certificate of analysis / Quality and weight certificate

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