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•  Commodity: Metal / HSN Code: 74031100

•  Composition: Electrolytic Copper Cathode min 99.97%, non LME standard

•  Quality and inspection: LME international inspectors SGS/Alex Stewart/Alfred Knight/CCIC/ or equivalent

•  Country of origin: Manufacture in Zambia/Zimbabwe/DRC

•  Total volume and duration of contract: 60,000 MT with possible R & E for the next 12 months

•  First order for delivery: Reference tranche min. 3.000 MT after complete quality control setup delivery

•  Stock availability: Currently 5000 MT in stock

•  Delivery time: 25-35 working days - when setting up FOB or Revolving Bank Letter of Credit payment terms

•  Packaging: Palletized, standard packing secured with straps

•  Delivery place: FOB Port Mombasa, Dar El Salaam, Durban / Price including CIF terms

•  Price terms: Min 12% discount to the LME official price for copper (negotiable) / MT (CIF China - Incoterms 2022)

•  Payment process: DLC/MT 700, 100% revolving, non-transferable, irrevocable, divisible (for sending distributor's commission), confirmed by a top 50 bank. Release of the bank letter of credit is upon SGS inspection at the place of loading (FOB/Incoterms 2020). The payment of the goods total tranche value shall be effectuated by SWIFT/MT103, telegraphic transfer to Seller's account within 48 hours upon receiving the shipment and completing SGS/CIQ at destination port. Buyer and Supplier acknowledge that the SPA/ICPO terms include an agreed commission for the Distributor.

•  Performance bond: The Seller shall provide the Buyer with a 2% PB.

•  Pre Shipment Inspection: The Seller shall share the PSI / TPI (Third Party Inspection) costs for Q/Q and for MT700 transfer or LC payment with the Buyer.

Specification: Copper Cathode
HS Code / TARIC: 74031100
Year of the Manufacture: 2023
Purity: min. 99,97%
Copper / Cu: 99,99%
Oxygen / O2: < 158
Suphur / S: < 4 Ppm
Iron / Fe: < 2 Ppm
Silver / Ag: < 10 Ppm
Lead / Pb: < 2 Ppm
Nickel / Ni: < 2 Ppm
Selenium / Se: < 3 Ppm
Antimony / Sb: < 1 Ppm
Cobalt / Co: 2
Magnesium / Mg: 5

Rejection below 99.96% - If the content of Copper is below 99.96%, the Buyer has the right to reject it.

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